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Showroom Solutions Plus – Auto Detailing

Interior Auto Detailing

Everyone loves the feeling of a clean car, but sometimes it’s hard to maintain. We wipe down your panels, windows, and dashboard, as well as vacuum your carpets and mats. We will steam clean your seats and carpets and offer stain removal. Our products are gentle enough to clean your interior and protect your leather seats from fading.

Exterior Auto Detailing

We foam wash and power air dry your exterior to clean every crevice of your vehicle. Auto detailing is the most effective way to bring your paint’s shine back to life. We use the right technology to avoid wash swirl marks and that will leave your vehicle in an optimal condition. If you have any leftover dirt and debris, we use a clay bar to decontaminate your paint. To finish off the process we will add a glossy shine to your exterior.

Paint Correction

If you have some scratches on your vehicle, we offer paint correction services. We properly remove any blemishes or imperfections with our multi-stage buffing process. Paint correction is a great way to level out your paint and restore it back to its original form.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair is one of the least intrusive methods to properly repairs any dents. This process returns the dent back to its original shape without compromising your vehicle’s paint. We use the right technology to slowly push dents back into place at a price that won’t break the bank. Paintless dent repair increases your vehicle’s resale value and is a quick and effective way to repair any imperfections.

Window Tinting

Protect your skin and interior from harsh UV rays with our window tint. The sun can cause your interior to look faded over time. Window tint blocks out 99% of UV rays and keeps your vehicle cooler. It will make driving much more comfortable while enhancing your vehicle’s overall profile.

Paint Protection Film

Clear bra, also known as paint protection film is the ultimate paint protection for your vehicle. It is a flexible clear film that has self-healing properties to properly shape your vehicle. Clear bra will protect your vehicle from stone chips, scratches, chemicals from bird droppings, and any other environmental contaminations without compromising your paint.

Marine Detailing

Due to harsh environmental contaminations such as algae and harsh UV rays, your paint can corrode and look faded over time. Our marine detailing service includes properly waxing and polishing your exterior to preserve your paint for much longer. We detail your paint, vinyl seats, and deck. Try out our marine detailing services to protect one of your most prized possessions.

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